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A Happy Looking Carol Playing Her Guitar - Carol O'Sullivan MusicThe early years – humble beginnings…

Carol was born and raised in Jersey in the Channel Islands. She began listening to music from an early age. During World War 2, her mother, Marge, played piano for many of the dance bands & singers when she entertained the residents in the islands occupation. Carol inherited her mother’s love of music together with her sense of humour.

Throughout the 1960’s – 1970’s Marge would play at many of the bars, guesthouses, hotels & restaurants during the summer season. She would entertain the tourists and locals alike and on some occasions her daughters’ (including Carol) would go along and sit ‘quietly’ in the audience (Ahem?).

Carol moved to London in the 1980’s and worked in offices, whilst carrying on with her song writing. During this time, Carol started to gain live music experience by entering talent competitions & showcases, all over the UK.

Belonging to several music organisations, attending courses, workshops and developing her musical education with piano & singing lessons, Carol continued with her music. She was able to write record and promote her songs to publishers and record companies.

It wasn’t until 2001 that Carol decided to make music her full time career. She spent all of her time on her music, but still had bills to pay. This is when she started to perform at day centres & homes for older people. This gave her more time to write songs. Carol enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and the styles of her favourite artistes are reflected in the genres that she writes in.Carol And Her Guitar - Carol O'Sullivan Music

Carol has entered many song writing competitions over the years and in 2007 was a semi-finalist in the UK Song writing Contest.

Nowadays Carol resides in West Hertfordshire and works part-time in an office, whilst continuing to entertain.

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A member of;
The Musicans’ Union and The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers

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